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ADHD Testing | ADHD Tests

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common cognitive disorders. According to the American Psychiatric Association, up to 7% of school-age children are diagnosed with ADHD.*

  • Does your child have trouble with their homework?
  • Does your child have trouble sitting still in class?
  • Do your child's teachers complain of them talking in class?
  • Does your child have temper tantrums that seem "out of the blue?"

If your child is struggling with any of these symptoms, or you are concerned that they may have ADHD, it is important to have them tested.  Because many symptoms of ADHD are extremely common, it is important to get a thorough evaluation for your child. For example, most young boys appear "overactive" at least some of the time. In addition, many symptoms of ADHD, such as difficulty focusing, can be caused by multiple factors, ADHD only being one of them. 
ADHD is also common in teens and adults, though it can be even harder to diagnose at these ages.

  • Do your friends or your partner always complain that you are late?
  • Do you find it hard to sit through a meeting or a lecture?
  • Do you find yourself needing multiple lists to get through the day?

The over-diagnosis of ADHD has been publicized for some time now and this has sparked quite a bit of research on ADHD testing. This research has led to the development of a "Gold Standard" for ADHD testing.
The Gold Standard for ADHD testing suggests using multiple sources of information to get the most comprehensive picture. I have attended professional seminars on ADHD testing with children, adolescents, and adults and routinely use these suggested tools in my testing. Please contact me if you have any questions about testing your child, your teen, or yourself for ADHD.
As part of ADHD treatment, I incorporate specialized software to increase attention, decrease impulsivity, and build cognitive skills. Read more about ADHD treatment
*As cited in: American Psychological Association (2000) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (Fourth Edition, Text Revision). Washington, DC: Author.